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Privacy Policy

NDDSystems is responsive to privacy concerns on the web. We believe it is essential that you understand how we deal with
the particulars we acquire from you, on the web.Basically, you can go to NDDSystems on the Internet without informing us who you’re or disclosing any details about yourself. Our Internet providers gather the website names, average time allocated to the website, pages seen, and so on.  Your access to our website implies your unconditional agreement to let the recovery of your site we’ll use the private details. Normally, the personalized details we gather are used only by our staff to answer your query, process your order or enable you to access particular,username and passwords. Sometimes, we may provide the e-mail.
Addresses, of people who give details, accessible to other trustworthy companies whose services or products we believe
you may find useful. In such cases, you’ll be provided a chance to limit the accessibility of your details. If you sign-up with one of NDDSystems’ sections on the internet, they may make use of this content to give you customized details about NDDSystems. we consider (but aren’t obliged).
To inform you how we shall use the particulars when we gather details from you on the web to deliver us with your private particulars or any personal details given by you to us is with your complete approval, know that we are not obliged to validate the resource from which the personalized details about you are given to us,Kind of data to us, to our reassurance, that the data was given to us without your complimentary agreement.